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Kitchen design ideas from Very small kitchen ideas on a budget


Your new kitchen is all set, the area looks warm and inviting, and you are ready to host guests for the next dinner party, but something feels off! The dead space in the kitchen above your cabinets looks empty and bland. If you could only do something to jazz up that area and put the space to good use. If you need Kitchen design ideas to use that awkward space in the kitchen, here are 9 fun, smart, and practical ways to decorate the awkward space above kitchen cabinets.

Stack Your Wine Bottles
Love collecting bottles of wine but don’t have dedicated storage space for them? A quick trip to the nearest home decor store will solve this problem for you. All you need to do is get an inexpensive wine rack and use it to carefully stack your wine bottles on top of your wall cabinets. Add some small decor pieces and faux flowers and plants to fill in the empty spaces around it and make the dead space in the kitchen look super chic.

Use the Space for Extra Storage
Hands down, the easiest way to utilize the dead space in the kitchen is by adding a floating shelf to the wall and doubling up the storage. Use the wall space above your kitchen cabinets to store extra utensils, cutlery, and other kitchen tools and appliances that you do not need regularly. This storage is perfect for keeping your drawers and cabinets clutter-free while ensuring the things you need are still within reach and easily accessible.

Decorate with a Chalkboard Wall
Bring the vibe of a quaint streetside diner into your home by adding a chalkboard wall to the space above your kitchen cabinet. Write your favorite dishes and drinks like a patisserie menu or draw some quirky food-related symbols and designs to add a modern touch to the space; the choice is yours. You can either cover the entire wall with chalkboard paint or add wooden chalkboard frames for this trendy kitchen decor idea.

Keep it Simple
When all else fails, remember to keep it simple. Add a wall clock, a few decorative vases, and a tiny faux plant pot, and you are done! This dead space in your kitchen is not the easiest to access every day. So if you often have a busy schedule and do not want the added pressure of keeping this area clean, adding just a couple of decor pieces is the best bet for you.