Return and refund

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Return and Refund.

Things aren’t working out for you?
It’s okay, we can still be friends.
Read our Return & Refund policy.

Returning your project

If there’s a situation where something’s not right and you want to break up with us, we understand. We’ll try our best to end things with no confusion and a sense of closure. Here’s our updated policy that tells you about the applicable refunds on cancellation post the booking payment period.

Phase Time Period Eligibility
Within 72 hours of paying the booking fee
100% refund
Design in progress
At any point
No Refund / No Cancellation
Manufacturing (after 30% payment)
At any point
No Refund / No Cancellation
Installation (before 100% payment)
At any point
No refund/ No cancellation (Customer is obligated to pay the balance of Sales Order value)

Returning/ replacing product(s) in your order

Booking fee: 5% of your projected quote (or Rs 20,000, whichever is higher) is taken as a token amount to book KAYAPALAT’s services.

Design in progress: This stage refers to the active design stage where you and your designer will finalize all the designs of your home. Before the final Sales Order is raised, any product in the tentative quotation can be replaced or removed. Should you choose to cancel the project at this point, you will receive no refund post 72 hours of making the booking. This fee will go towards your designer’s time and effort in making the initial pitch and quotations.

Sales order: This is the final order raised by your designer/Sales representative to send all your designs/ products/ services into execution. This will be raised post payment of 40% of your order value.

Manufacturing: This stage is after your final Sales Order is raised. All your products/ designs will go into manufacturing. At this point, Kayapalat cannot offer to cancel, replace or modify items.

Installation: This stage is after your products have been manufactured and/ or your products have been sourced and are ready for installation. At this point, Kayapalat cannot offer to cancel, replace or modify items, and the customer should honour the payment of the outstanding Sales Order.


From when does the new policy come into effect?

1 July 2023

What is the applicable Cancellation policy for projects booked before 1 July 2023?

Our old policy would be applicable.

What is the process for project cancellation?

It’s quite easy, really. The simplest and quickest way would be to raise a cancellation request using ‘Raise an issue’ on Hub. Alternatively, you could also drop an email requesting the cancellation to

Where can I follow up or track my refund status?

Refunds are usually disbursed within 15 working days of raising the cancellation request. The customer care team will notify you once the refund is processed.

Will the mode of refund be the same as the mode used for payment?

The refund amount will be transferred to the bank account that you have provided.

I’ve made the 40% payment, however, I’ve changed my mind, and would like to cancel my project. 

Sorry, once the sales order is raised, kayapalat cannot offer cancellation for your project. Our backend teams would already have begun the sourcing and manufacturing of your order, and thus at this point, we request you to honour the order and make the balance payment as required.

My project handover is due, and my team is requesting 100% payment, however, I’d like to cancel my project. What are my options?

With the work practically complete and your new house ready to welcome you, we really hope there will be no reason to cancel your project. Considering the time and effort invested in sourcing, manufacturing and installation, Kayapalat would not be able to offer a cancellation. We request you to kindly honour the team’s ask and make the balance payment in a timely manner.